Nothing Against Work


title: Nothing Against Work
year: 2000
series: n/a
Body of Work: “Passing and Resemblance” (2000 – 2001)
medium: Light Jet print face mounted with matte laminate in white wood frame.
size: 62.5″h x 42.5″w.
edition size: 1 / 2AP
collections: Pina Oronti
availability: 2 AP

artist brief:

This image is a 35 mm snapshot of a construction site taken off of a building in London.

Regarding the body of work:

“Passing and Resemblance” is the end chapter in a series of four exhibitions that include both still and moving pictures.  The first two exhibitions in this series were “Sentiment and Vagrancy” and “Routine and Missing”.  These consist of snap shot photo images taken on various wanderings that were, through digitization, surrounded by as well as physically continuous with color-fields, and, two channel video installations that featured footage that directly correlated to the movements of the would be subjects participating in the video recordings. The overall results were a methodical display of slipping between representation and disorientation. *   The third exhibition, “Bearing and Delinquency”, consists of a continuation of the aforementioned photo practice. This time the photos were restricted to being taken in one room during the moments before nightfall. Also shown were two video installations, one created by the direct correlation of an editors hand and a moving picture, and the other created by the correlation between pronunciation and a moving picture. The results were again methodical, this time with a different attention to time constraints and manual and mechanical means of order. **

“Passing and Resemblance” consists of still images that no longer feature color-fields. These are “straight” photographs, yet, will for the return viewer obviate relationships with the previously mentioned images.  Subject matter in the photographs range from visits to empty superstructures to revisiting a particular site denoted by a certain deciduous tree.  Some pictures play with conventions of recognition such as the constituents of a “sunset photo”, while most celebrate the distorting impact of light or perspective on the clarity of a scene.

The moving picture portion of the exhibition is a two-channel video installation is entitled “Time Machines”.   By employing 1, a simple child’s game of walking against the fixed forward motion of an escalator, and 2, motion picture video, humorous time machines are made.  As with the earlier video work, “Time Machines” plays with the recording of movement rather than a moving subject, although in this particular work, a second opposing moving force underlies the movement of the camera creating a kind of moving stasis.

“Passing” refers to time as in “momentary” as well as physically “going by” as in “passers by” while “Resemblance” refers ambiguously to similarity of appearance…


*   “Sentiment” refers to feeling (sensory and empathetic) and memory, while “Vagrancy” refers to wandering and distraction. “Routine” refers to repetition and regularity and “Missing” refers to being off, both in terms of time and space.
For more, see brief notes regarding previous related exhibitions.
**  “Bearing” refers to the pivotal component in a machine – a thing between two or more parts which allows a device to function, as in a ball bearing.  “Delinquency” refers at once to time as in lateness, as well as a deviant behavioral pattern.
For more, see brief notes regarding previous related exhibitions.

Kevin Hanley All rights reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.