In Behalf of Orange


title: In Behalf of Orange
year: 2002
series: n/a
Body of Work: “For Instance Tomorrow”
medium: Epson 2000P print under plexiglass in white wood frame.
size: 11 7/8”h x 15 7/8”w
edition size: 2 / 2AP
collections: 1 at Taka Ishii/ 1 auctioned tbd
availability:  2 AP

artist brief:

Looking at “In Behalf of Orange”, we are presented with a plug mounted in a socket against an orange field that we immediately perceive as a wall.  Almost as instantly as we perceive this wall, our confidence is undermined by a fluctuation in focus.  The 3/4 view of the plug and socket places the wall in an unclear depth of field creating the appearance that the plug and socket are attached to a formless orange mass. The title “In Behalf of Orange” points toward the function of the depicted wall socket and plug, which powers an out of frame lamp that colors the entire picture with warm (orange) light.  The plug/ socket, by powering the artificial light, functions to make itself and the wall it is affixed to orange.  The artificial light then, creates the illumination by which we see the fiction of ambiguous space (focus and non-focus), as well as the fiction of the color orange that happens to act as continuity between the discontinuous parts of the picture.

Regarding the body of work:

“For Instance Tomorrow” brings to mind a specificity, and a simultaneous deferring.  The photographs look at quotidian subjects: a wall socket/plug, a helicopter overhead, a domestic cat on a field of grass, a friend’s face… But awkward perspective, distracting detail, nuance light, and in one case subtle alteration allow the images to appear at once ordinarily pleasant and subtly unnatural or unsettling. Here, the simple subjects take on an almost inadvertent complexity, exemplifying an ongoing interest in how vision can resist clarity, even when one is looking at ordinary things.

Kevin Hanley All rights reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.