untitled (shadow, concrete)


title: untitled (shadow, concrete)
year: 2003
series: n/a
Body of Work: n/a
medium: Light Jet print face mounted with matte laminate in white wood frame.
size: 36.25″h x 54.25″w.
edition size: 2 / 2AP
collections: 1 of 2 (sold by ACME?) TBD
availability:  2 of 2 and 2 AP

artist brief:

This image was taken outside my apartment in Los Angeles.  Of interest was that in this one image two distinct kinds of soft lines are present, and work to visually complicate the scene. Some were created by the effects of the camera lens (blurry foreground elements) some by given light (shadows on the background, the actual ground, which happened to be the focal point).  The foreground and background elements then produce a complex visual field that is subtly difficult to comprehend.

Kevin Hanley All rights reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.