Resemblance 2


title: Resemblance 2
year: 2003
series: n/a
Body of Work: n/a
medium: Light Jet print face mounted with matte laminate in white wood frame.
size: 21 7/8″ h x 16 3/8″ w
edition size: 2 / 2AP
collections: TBD
availability:  2 and 2 AP

artist brief:

“Resemblance 2”, based on an earlier work of the same image printed using different materials, is a photo of my colleague Monika.  Portraiture, previously a photo practice I resisted, became interesting to me when I realized my subject’s “wandering eye” would complicate a viewer’s relationship to her as the subject of a portrait since the direction of her gaze bifurcates.  A combination of lighting, and cropping further “breaks up” the image.

Kevin Hanley All rights reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.