A Means To An End




title: “A Means To An End”
year: 1993 series: n/a
Body of Work: n/a
medium: Two channel video installation. size: variable
edition size: 1 / 1
collections: n/a
availability: 1 / 1

artist brief:

“A Means To An End” uses Hi-8 video footage of a colleague dancing to a song by the band Joy Division of the same title. For installation, this footage is played back on two stacked monitors. In the footage, the dancer performs for the length of the said song in front of a wall painted to match her shirt, then again in front of the same wall painted to match her pants. The said paint is matched then used to paint the wall behind future installations of the footage. Since the dancer listens to the song on headphones, the audio for the artwork is generated by the sound of her dancing. This audio is fed through audio equipment relating to that which was used by the band Joy Division in the space of the installation.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.