Recounting A Dancing Man




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title: Recounting A Dancing Man
year: 1998
series: n/a
body of work: “Bearing and Delinquency”  1998
medium: One channel video installation.
size: variable
edition size: 1 / 1AP
collections: Tadashi Yuzawa
availability:  1 / 1 AP

artist brief:

Recounting a Dancing Man uses footage of Fred Astair’s dance routine “I Want to be a Dancing Man” from the movie “The Belle of New York”.  Fred Astair dancing on film is a landmark in the history of the moving picture.  His image exemplifies with great economy, the human body generating movement and sound as well as the camera technique which makes it a  memorable spectacle for the viewing public.  Utilizing a video editing program, the footage of Fred Astair has been digitized from a rented VHS tape.  The footage is then replayed by the movement of my hand adjusting the mouse on my computer.  This real time correlation between the motion picture and the movement of my hand was recorded back to video in real time. This video playing technique is not unlike “scratching” a record in the sense that the mechanics of the “playback” are influenced by a direct movement of the human hand, resulting in a re-articulation of the given media.

About body of work:
“Bearing and Delinquency”  1998 Bearing refers to the pivotal component in a machine – a thing between two or more parts which allows a device to function, as in a ball bearing.Delinquency refers at once to time as in lateness, as well as a deviant behavioral pattern.

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