Recounting A Drunken Man



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title: Recounting A Drunken Man
year: 1998
series: n/a
body of work: “Bearing and Delinquency”  1998
medium: Two channel video installation.
size: variable
edition size: 1 / 1AP
collections: TBD
availability:  1 / 1 AP

artist brief:

“Recounting a Drunken Man” is video footage of  my colleague Jay,  recounting a story of a drunken man.  The footage of one sentence, “He was like talking to himself in a trance like drunken stupor”, has been edited between syllables and various pronunciations.  The edits repeat and replay in different arrangements, stretching and suspending Jay’s utterances.  Two projections of identical footage mirrors itself on adjacent walls, creating a time variable reminiscent of Steve Reich’s phasing work.

About body of work:
“Bearing and Delinquency”  1998 Bearing refers to the pivotal component in a machine – a thing between two or more parts which allows a device to function, as in a ball bearing.Delinquency refers at once to time as in lateness, as well as a deviant behavioral pattern.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.