Passing and Resemblance (Monika)




click here to watch abridged installation demo footage

title: Passing and Resemblance (Monika)
year: 2001
series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: Two channel video installation.
size: variable
edition size: 2 / 1AP
collections: TBD
availability:  2 / 1 AP

artist brief:

Passing and Resemblance (Monika). The footage shown is shot by a participant navigating space, walking backwards using a video camera’s LCD viewfinder as a “rear view”, and their own portrait as an anchor to orient themselves as they move.
The imagery played back in the installation is the operator/navigator point of view – the image of the use of a camera as a method of sight for moving about.

The five-minute segment of video will be shown on two screens placed back to back. The footage as it is recorded – where the subject actually moves backward – is paired with the same footage in reverse, in which the movement appears natural. The footage replays in sync, one segment from the beginning to the end then reverse, and the other from the end to the beginning then reverse, as a continuous loop.

This installation is part of a long-standing interest in using video to capture the unintended geometry of the camera: the complex relationship between the operator and what that operator records. It is also part of an ongoing look at how to circumnavigate the representation of a subject using motion picture.

“Passing” refers at once to a “passer by” as in a stranger walking by, as well as time.  “Resemblance” refers to the inadvertent “self portrait” produced as a result of the subjects activity.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.