Different At Times






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title: Different At Times
year: 2002
series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: Two channel video installation.
size: variable
edition size: 2 / 1AP
availability:  2 / 1 AP

artist brief:

Different At Times is a two channel video installation that uses footage recorded by two participants who take turns spinning a camera placed between them, as they are casually lying down and having a conversation in an ornate studio setting.  The camera’s POV records a vertiginous turning of figures and background elements which slows to a halt and is then spun again, over and over.  Two separate episodes of this activity are projected side by side on adjacent walls creating a sensation of disorienting movement mechanically not unlike what one sees in a slot machine window or a roulette wheel, spinning and settling continuously. The fleeting figures and their surroundings, rich with color and pattern, as well as audio from two different conversations played simultaneously, all contribute to the disorienting nature of the imagery as it turns in front of the viewer.

The image of the two figures in such an ornate setting may recall paintings by Matisse. “Different At Times” uses color and pattern as complicating devices. Also, the reorientation of lying figures thwarts any immediate figure ground relationship or left to right encouragement toward narrative development. On the other hand “Different At Times” may recall what a small child may see when being spun around on some turning playground device. In addition, the audio component of “Different At Times” furthers the complexity of the installation through a kind of hit and miss vocal exchange that resulted from two different conversations between the same two people playing side by side.  The audio, as it is dislocated from a one to one correspondence, reinforces the recombinant nature of the spinning imagery.

Different at Times is in keeping with a long-standing interest in using video to have a somewhat emancipated relationship between the camera operator and what that operator records.   It is interesting for me to circumnavigate the representation of a subject using motion picture.  The project is also in keeping with an interest in emphasizing  space between what one sees and the rationalizing of what one sees.  – Kevin Hanley 2002.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.