Given Time







Due to the nature of this video, it cannot be compressed for web preview.

title: Given Time
year: 2004
series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: One channel video installation.
size: variable
edition size: 4 / 1AP
collections: TBD
availability:  4 / 1 AP

artist brief:

Given Time (2003), impacted by Impressionist painting, is an experiment in articulating time, motion, and color.  On one hand, the video is like a primer for moving pictures: the passage of its frames creating the illusion of movement and the implied passage of time.  But by separating each frame of the video into red, green, or blue monochromes, the artist has also isolated the most basic colors in the medium of video so that the color can only appear as natural when the video frames pass in time. For the artist, this means introducing a second overall and unrelated articulation of time to accompany the basic articulation of movement in video. The title “Given Time” refers to the color that one sees given time – as well as to the fact that the sun-tanning star of the video, bikini model Amy Cravitz, is herself changing color in time.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.