Microinternational Presents: September 1







title: Microinternational Presents: September 1
year: 1994 series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: multimedia installation. size: variable
edition size: n/a
collections: n/a
availability: n/a

artist brief:

Microinternational is a group of artists that come together to execute various events, avoiding a concrete basis of identity while generating several concrete manifestations. Microinternational was created and is directed by Kevin Hanley and Jonathan Kroll. For more information go to www.microint.org.

8:30 pm – movement 1
The music for the evening, a work for single guitar and digital delay, is established by being played over a sound system.
9:00 pm – movement 2
Performer 1 listens to the same music over headphones, and performs a dance she has choreographed around the song. The platform she dances on is micd and thus produces percussion which performer 2 will attempt to replay the same music in response to. Performer 3 will record this movement.
approx. 9:15 pm – movement 3
Performer 3 exchanges performer 1’s first tape with the one he has just recorded. She then generates a new dance around movement 2 which performer 2 must attempt to replay the initial music in response to.
Knansie Sandercock, Kevin Hanley and Jonathan Kroll
Location: TRI Gallery, L.A., CA 09/01/94

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.

Installation and performance can be reproduced in various locations with various participants under direction of Kevin Hanley and/or Jonathan Kroll.