Microinternational Presents: Twilight Waltz








title: Microinternational Presents: Twilight Waltz
year: 1995 series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: multimedia installation. size: variable
edition size: n/a
collections: n/a
availability: n/a

artist brief:

Microinternational is a group of artists that come together to execute various events, avoiding a concrete basis of identity while generating several concrete manifestations. Microinternational was created and is directed by Kevin Hanley and Jonathan Kroll. For more information go to www.microint.org.

7:00 pm – movement 1
The “Twilight Waltz” is continuously played for an hour through digital delay over two speakers as ambiance. This may happen “unnoticed” as a movement, yet establishes the basic components of the performance.
9pm – movement 2
Two dancers listen to the “Twilight Waltz” independently on separate head phones, each dancing a separate waltz. Their steps on the stage are sent through one delay unit each and amplified.
approx. 9:05 pm – movement 3
Two couples dance to the “Twilight Waltz”, each couple listening to the music independently. Their steps are sent through two delay units each and amplified.
approx. 9:10 pm – movement 4
Two dancers, one from Movement 2, and another introduced in Movement 3, repeat Movement 1. Their steps are sent through 2 delay units each and amplified.
The wall colors come from paints that have been matched to a participants coat and chairs used.

: Kevin Hanley, Jonathan Kroll, Anja Medved, Knansie Sandercock, Theresa Saso
Location: ACME, L.A., CA 1995

Kevin Hanley 1995. All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.

Installation and performance can be reproduced in various locations with various participants under direction of Kevin Hanley and/or Jonathan Kroll.