Microinternational Presents: March 31



title: Microinternational Presents: March 31
year: 1996 series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: multimedia installation. size: variable
edition size: n/a
collections: n/a
availability: n/a

artist brief:

Microinternational is a group of artists that come together to execute various events, avoiding a concrete basis of identity while generating several concrete manifestations. Microinternational was created and is directed by Kevin Hanley and Jonathan Kroll. For more information go to www.microint.org.

For this event, 12 persons wearing something bright orange, met at the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles. Andrea Kocevar taught the participants her choreography technique which required each person to pick 2 numbers. The participants use the 2 numbers as queues to move. For example, if someone picks 3 and 5, they are to take 3 steps, pause, count five, and then take three more steps, and again. The 12 people moved throughout the south end of the mall over two levels for about one hour. Quiet but distinct irregular patterns were detectable in the shopping crowds. Two videos, one recording each floor covered, were produced from this performance and are available for exhibition.

Antonio Gonella, 
Michelle Guy, 
Kevin Hanley, 
Kathleen Johnson, 
Andrea Kocevar, 
Carlos Mollura, 
Dave Muller, 
Flora Neuwirth, 
Frances Stark
, and Jennifer Steinkamp

Kevin Hanley 1996. All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.

Installation and performance can be reproduced in various locations with various participants under direction of Kevin Hanley and/or Jonathan Kroll.