untitled (garments based on mural #1)

title: untitled (garments based on mural #1)
year: 2009    series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: multimedia installation.  size: variable
edition size: 60 (sold as individual garment)
collections: n/a
availability:  52 of 60
artist brief:

Mural #1 is a wall covering derived from photographs take the form of  a multi-colored pattern of a building block extracted from basic forms of the English alphabet. These walls become optically charged surfaces on which to hang a relative photo, while the patterns themselves also function in the exhibition as fugitive sculpture: there are the custom garments I have designed and  manufactured with T. Lowitz, and hired performers to wear, on display in the gallery for a window of time at receptions, and then going wherever the bodies go that don them. Models hired were identical twins to keeps viewers in a serial game, continually turning in on itself at the moment of potentially distinguishing an individual subject.  As a potential viewer notices the sweater, and then notices it again, they may then notice that the person wearing it may or may not be the same, drawing the viewers attention to their own location and the event of recognition. The use of twins is also a reference to the doubling of the exhibition which results in distinct episodes of repetition. This work was featured at the exhibition Seams Like Sometimes.

Installation and performance can be reproduced in various locations with various participants.

Garments are unisex with a fitted cut, available for purchase in sizes small medium and large at Email: ACME L.A. or Email: I-20 NYC.