Chance of Showers






title: Chance of Showers
year: 1996 series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: multimedia installation. size: variable
edition size: n/a
collections: n/a
availability: n/a

artist brief:


One afternoon in Cologne, Germany, during the Summer of 1996, three of us decided to take a walk. Two of us were unnecessarily concerned that it may rain, so we brought along two umbrellas. One black and one brown. One of us brought a picture camera. At some point we came upon a festival where different television stations provided live entertainment to large crowds. The entertainment, as well as the crowds, were being video taped. The footage was shown on large video displays at the festival as it was simultaneously broadcasted on television. Two of us entered the crowds with open umbrellas, and another took pictures of the live broadcast as it was seen on the large displays.

 Kevin Hanley – brown umbrella, Michael Krebber – black umbrella, Cosima Von Bonin – picture camera.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.

Installation and performance can be reproduced in various locations with various participants under direction of Kevin Hanley.