Photos for Sean Knibb and The Line Hotel









A suite of 8 images were comissioned for Sean Knibb’s newly designed interior of the Line Hotel in Koreatown Los Angeles. Here is a brief :

The series of photographs Kevin Hanley has produced for the Line Hotel were taken while wandering through diverse areas of Los Angeles, in an attempt to achieve a pictorial sense of place without representing the city through the usual visual trappings. The resulting imagery offers an unlikely perspective of L.A. that Hanley has tailored to the visiting hotel guest, documenting that which typically goes unnoticed by the traveler: architecture, landscapes and moments of everyday life that are at once quotidian and dreamlike. Often blurred or taken from ungrounded vantage points, the fleetingly recognizable images are stripped of all geographical context and yet they’ve all been exposed by the unmistakable L.A. sun. For the out of town visitor, these pictures offer a uniquely native view of Los Angeles.