Untitled #1, 36 and 2


title: Untitled #1, 36 and 2
year: 2016
body of work: Rampart &Tor, (a collaboration between Kevin Hanley and Jonathan Kroll)
medium: diptych of Epson archival color prints with mat under Plexiglas, wood frames.
size: each image is 14”h x 16”w (framed).

Kevin Hanley and Jonathan Kroll’s collaborative work Rampart & Tor
for the occasion of the Tri Gallery group show TRI (…ed). Los Angeles, and G7/ Summit, Berlin.

Given the context of TRI (…ed), an exhibition that brings together participants of a gallery that existed from 1992 – 1995, Hanley and Kroll’s project is a play on the act of remembrance and fugitive aspects of perception that both aid and hinder efforts to mentally revisit a place and time.  A diptych of photos, as well as live participants in t-shirts, solicit remembrance of the past state of particular locations, one employing obfuscating color choices from fixed landmarks, the other using graphic representations carried by unrelated persons.  In keeping with their previous collaboration “International Incidental” for exhibition at TRI Gallery in 1995, Hanley and Kroll will exhibit photographs each taken in separate countries, this time from or near their current neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Berlin. From Los Angeles, Kevin Hanley will take photographs focused on the exterior walls of the newly refurbished former Rampart Police Station (now the station for L.A.P.D. Metro S.W.A.T.) which is a saturated Cadmium Yellow, a color seemingly intended to overcome the “dark” Rampart Police scandals of the 1990s and fit within an overall gentrification of the Rampart neighborhood. Jonathan Kroll will photograph a prominent wall of the Zentrum Kreutzberg housing project, a centerpiece of the 36 Boys gang territory during the 1990s (and which currently houses the 36 Boys convenience store and clothing outlet). This particular section of wall is a saturated “fun” purple, decidedly offsetting any harsh urban sensibility, as well as the antagonism created by current evictions due to rising rent prices.  One selected image from each photo shoot will form a diptych titled Untitled #1, 36 and 2, the #1 indicating the first in an ongoing series, the 36 and 2 referring to area #36 of Berlin that the 36 Boys gang declared dominion over and patrol area #2 of the Rampart Police.  A sculptural proposition from the same body of work features two individuals with no personal memory of the 1990’s (ages 18 or 19) attending the TRI (…ed) reception, one wearing a t-shirt of the controversial (now disbanded) L.A.P.D. Rampart CRASH unit, the other wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of the once-notorious criminal street gang 36 Boys. Both the police unit and the gang point back with some notoriety to the particular socio-economic landscape of the given territories within the same time period that Tri Gallery was operating.


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