Microinternational Presents: Vagrant Occupations and Contraptions






title: Microinternational Presents: Vagrant Occupations and Contraptions
year: 1997 series: n/a
body of work: n/a
medium: multimedia installation. size: variable
edition size: n/a
collections: n/a
availability: n/a

artist brief:

Microinternational is a group of artists that come together to execute various events, avoiding a concrete basis of identity while generating several concrete manifestations. Microinternational was created and is directed by Kevin Hanley and Jonathan Kroll. For more information go to www.microint.org.

Vagrant Occupations and Contraptions to place at Site Santa Fe in New Mexico for the Truce show curated by Francesco Bonami. This Microinternational event involved two participants, going through various motions. They were hooked up to surveillance cameras that sent a video signal to projectors, which then projected their movement onto two walls behind them. They interacted with: vinyl objects by Carlos Mollura, a video projection on the floor by Jennifer Stienkamp, as well as one another. The two participants were in verbal contact with one another by wearing walkie talkie head sets. A third unworn walkie talkie head set receiving their channels will be micd, sent through digital effects and amplified. As all this was taking place, the footage from the surveillance cameras as well as the audio signals produced during the event were recorded and played back continuously as an installation for the duration of TRUCE.

1:00 pm
The two participants, wearing synchronized watches, will do their best to acknowledge five minute blocks of time (time in the course of the event, 1:00, 1:05, 1:10…) at which point they will flip-flop giver/receiver or base/scout, suggesting to one another ways of posturing and moving their bodies. Using the faces of clocks as maps, the participants will acknowledge the space as follows: the north wall is noon, east is three o’clock and four and five are now east-south and south-east and so on around or along this line back up to noon. The additional orders, from one another, are at least as simple and self evident: a numerical amount of steps, with additional possibilities of fast, slow, large, small and possibly side steps.
1:10 pm
The two participants will step in response to rhythmic visual patterns projected onto the ground. Each one will adopt a distinct aspect of the pattern, and use it as their guide.
1:25 pm
The two participants will face each other and arrange semi transparent inflated vinyl cubes, ambiguating one another’s projected images.
1:35 pm
The two participants will produce jolting visual effects by hopping, spinning, falling, rocking, among other dynamics. During the movements and contacts, the participants will be performing a vocal arrangement that is reciprocal to their activities.

The Microinternational July 97 Faction was
Casey Cook, Francesca Gabbiani, Kevin Hanley, Jonathan Kroll, Carlos Mollura, Jennifer Steinkamp.

made possible with assistance from
ACME, Francesco Bonami, I-20, Site Santa Fe, Luis Grouchos.
Clothing design for Casey and Francesca by Sarcastic clothing, L.A.
photos by Jennifer Mary Gheur and Jennifer Steinkamp
location: Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe New Mexico.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.

Installation and performance can be reproduced in various locations with various participants under direction of Kevin Hanley and/or Jonathan Kroll.