untitled (acid)


title: untitled (acid)
year: 1997
body of work: Sentiment and Vagrancy
series: untitled
medium: ink jet print on water color paper floated under Plexiglass and framed.
size: 35″ h x 25.25″ w
edition size: 6 and 1 AP
collections: artist’s stock
availability: 1- 6 of 6 and 1 AP

artist brief

The paintings in this series are done on the computer in Photoshop, and are printed with ink jet technology on paper. The earliest manifestations of these are mounted to the edge on aluminum panels hung flush to the wall, and later manifestations are floated under Plexiglass and framed or face mounted with matte Plexiglass and framed. This work is part of an ongoing series of paintings that involve color, subtle value distinctions and geometry to create complex visual fields. I make systematic fields of color shapes that bury any method by growing into visually untraceable patterns. The colors are chosen with an interest in strong yet ephemeral and small resonance’s. Some have subtle chroma shifts which form un-balanced compositions that resist any single focal point or overall unity. Some contain a mixture of circles and rectangles that make shapes which appear to be somewhere between implied depth and flat geometry, that is, mechanical and untraceable patterns producing a tension between 2 and implied 3 dimensional space. The images become a unique painting when a particular effect comes about between the colors and shapes that are irreducible to any one, or one pairing of constituents. Awkward visual chords could describe many of these works.

Regarding the body of work:
“Sentiment and Vagrancy” 1995 – 1997
A common thread that appears throughout the work in “Sentiment and Vagrancy” seems to be a kind of phantom chasing. That is the work seems to conjure effects that occur between elements like flat and illusionistic picture space, sentiment and formalism, memory and retinal impact, movement and intention- effects that are not attributed to any one thing but float between two or more tendencies.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.