untitled (Go Away)


title: untitled (Go Away)
year: 2006
series: Portraits of Unknown Relatives
medium: oil on canvas
size: 17″ h x 13″ w
edition size: unique
collections: artist’s stock
availability: 1 of 1

artist brief

This painting is a study inspired by a famous sneering photo of W. C. Fields. It was painted in a suite of three portraits, the others being an image of Billy the Kid from a famous Reverse Ferrotype which inspired the notion that he was left handed and an image of Rembrandt taken from one of his own etching’s that inspired it’s own dexterity issue. All three gentlemen are sporting tall black hats creating a visual uniformity when hung together. Since the gentlemen were all known to be heavy drinkers in their time, this creates a relationship to do with perception between them. These studies are meant to be hung on monochrome wall paintings, the color of which is relative to the image each is hung in proximity to.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.