title: Flats
year: 1994
body of work: “International Incidental” 1993-1994
series: “International Incidental”
medium: Rainbow print on paper mounted on aluminum
size: aprox. 10″ h x 7.75″ w
edition size: unique and 1 AP
collections: T. Taramaye
availability: 1 AP

artist brief

The prints in this series are 35 mm photos which are manipulated slightly on the computer in Photoshop, and are then printed with ink jet technology on photo paper. The earliest manifestations of these are mounted to the edge on aluminum panels hung flush to the wall, and later manifestations are Ink Jet prints framed and floated under Plexiglass.

Regarding the body of work:
“International Incidental” 1993-1994
This series involved travel photos taken by myself and my colleague Jonathan Kroll which we would shoot on separate trips abroad, print, then meet to decide (without revealing to one another) what visual details were to be manipulated within our own photos in response to the others photos. The manipulations involved the erasure or the evening out of certain areas of the photo. The prints were then scanned, manipulated and reprinted by each person. We would then hang all of our respective images together as a suite. This period of work also involved performance and writing. see: www.microint.org.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.