Pedestrian Contours 2


title: Pedestrian Contours 2
year: 1998
body of work: n/a
series: n/a
medium: Light Jet print face mounted with matte lamination, on Cintra, framed.
size: 48 1/4″ h x 48 1/4″ w
edition size: 1 and 2 AP
collections: TBD
availability: 1 and 2 AP

artist brief:

The prints in this series are 35 mm photos which are digitized (scanned), and then have a detail of their color duplicated and spilled outside of the pictures edges to create a surrounding color field. They are then reprinted with Light jet technology, mounted full frame on Cintra, face mounted with matte lamination, and framed with thin matte white frames.  Later manifestations are face mounted to matte Plexiglas, mounted on Cintra and framed with thin matte white frames. The image in Pedestrian Contours 2 is a study of pedestrian motion and comes from a view from a balcony in mid town Manhattan.  The figure’s contours from the photographers POV produce formal relationships with the figures surroundings. A rather “pedestrian” photo study with an unusual visual outcome.  Inspired by “Constructivist” photography and “Impressionist” painting.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.