On Another Occasion, 4/02/02 (black and white)


title: On Another Occasion, 4/02/02 (black and white)
year: 2002
body of work: n/a
series: “On Another Occasion”
medium: Ink Jet print framed under Plexiglas.
size: 4″ h x 5″ w image on 9″ h x 12″ w paper
edition size: 6 and 2 AP
collections: TBD
availability: 6 and 2 AP (3 of 6 ACME/1,2,4 of 6 at i-20/ 5-6 + AP TBD)

artist brief:

These are prints of a digitally altered photograph which was the basis for the video “On Another Occasion”. The prints are stills which precede the video version. They are titled with the date they were printed. “On Another Occasion” (2002) comes from pondering how I think particularly “loaded” images operate on me. Since images have such a huge role in what we “think”, It was my intention to make obvious particularly distinct aspects of comprehending an image. The video operates like this. Out of a blurry field, which is for the larger part of the video’s duration formless, emerges the picture of a dead man. What then becomes clarified is for the present time, a fiction: the picture of a dead Fidel Castro, created by digitally altering a recent AP photo. In the first moments of the video, one aspect tends toward the imagination working to conclude what one’s eyes see (Is this something I recognize?), and at the moment of visual clarity another aspect tends toward the imagination working at piecing together a relative conclusion (What does this picture mean? What are its consequences?). Apparent are two different articulations of the viewer’s imagination. The viewer of this work is invited to experience a space between seeing something, and making conceptual leaps via ones sight. Upon watching the full video a real space between seeing and reasoning is made apparent.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved. Reproduction by permission of artist only.