Seller Thief Collaboration


title: Seller Thief Collaboration
year: 1996
body of work: “Sentiment and Vagrancy”
series: n/a
medium: C Type print framed under Plexiglas.
size: 4.65″ h x 7″ w image on 21″ h x 24.5″ w paper and frame
edition size: unique and 2 AP
collections: TBD
availability:  1 and 2 AP

artist brief:

“Seller Thief Collaboration” is a 35 mm snapshot of a Merchant’s window damaged by an attempted robbery, then patched with round and strip tape creating a composition.

Regarding the body of work:

A common thread which appears through all the work in “Sentiment and Vagrancy” seems to be a kind of phantom chasing.  That is the work seems to conjure effects that occur between elements like colors, colors and lines, flat and illusionistic picture space, sentiment and formalism, memory and retinal impact, movement and intention – effects that are not attributed to any one thing but float between two or more tendencies. When using photography, travel creates the momentum for taking pictures providing subject and circumstance in a continual stream. I look through photos that I had taken in travel or while wandering around, with an interest in encouraging what is unfamiliar about any given image. The travel photos tell nothing to clarify a sight but utilize and escalate the strangeness of the sight by its very appearances.  The pictures at once appeal to ones feelings via the senses, while they simultaneously offer enough physical distraction for the senses to ambiguate the feelings elicited.  This set of observations inspired the title “Sentiment and Vagrancy”.   – 1996.

Kevin Hanley All rights Reserved.  Reproduction by permission of artist only.